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The Future of Retirement Wellness

Empowering Retirees Through Empathy-Driven AI

Grace is not just any AI strategist; it's a companion designed to revolutionize how retirement planning prioritizes not just intelligent financials but also health. Backed by cutting-edge research, Grace combines empathy with technology to provide personalized support, making complex information accessible and actionable for users.


Here's how Grace is changing lives:

Our Impact: Real Stories, Real Results

John's Journey: Financial Confidence Regained

  • Before Grace: Unsure about taking care of his 96 year old mother, dealing with medicare, social security and just overwhelmed by financial planning, even if he is an accredited investor who has done well for himself. He is 73, has been to more than 100 financial advisor meetings and said "If Grace was by my side I would not have been so lost"

  • After Grace: Increased his financial literacy score by 40%, he enjoys engaging with Grace in conversations and has found himself asking fewer questions about his concerns.  He is able to ask about notes and summaries increasing his confidence and reducing his anxiety.

Maria's Makeover: Health Literacy Upgraded

  • Before Grace: Struggled to understand her health needs and insurance details which made her feel overwhelmed and not feeling confidence in her financial strategies. Maria is a caretaker to both Children and aging parents and never takes time to prepare, she has been obsessed about making several unnecessary doctor appointments trying to catch up and stop smoking, a habit she knows needs attention. She is planning to retire in 10 years and currently feels unprepared after 3 employers in the last 15 years and using more than 6 institutions and benefits she is leveraging. 

  • After Grace: Improved her health literacy by 35%, making informed decisions about her healthcare and reducing unnecessary doctor visits. She was able to understand her data in ways that the other platforms where not. With so many options and so many life transitions it is hard to feel ready, empowered and at ease. Grace recognized that her smoking habit was a way to step away from her life, she never thought about the financial impact and was invited to a 2 months program where Grace is her accountability partner and has celebrated big wins on finding ways to get her mind at ease, resources she never imagined and more importantly is being rewarded every time she spends less on the habit. 

The Taylor Effect: A Couple's Transformation

  • Before Grace: Felt disconnected from the digital world, unsure how to navigate health and financial information online. They struggled raising their children and now navigating a possible divorce.  With complicated retirement plans and uncertain future they felt there was no hope and affecting their health.

  • After Grace: Both reported feeling more connected and empowered, with a 50% increase in using online tools to enhance their connection to what is important to them and can now respect each other's concerns. They are using Grace to help them understand and address the gaps and feel like simplicity and conversations have made it easier.  

Why Grace?

  • Personalized Support: Grace learns about each user's specific needs, providing tailored integration, organization and activation on financial and health matters. The ability to provide autonomy and the feeling of being understood is priceless. 

  • Built on Empathy: Our AI understands the importance of emotional support, making retirees more receptive and engaged.

  • Research-Backed: Developed based on extensive research, Grace is proven to enhance financial and health literacy among retirees.

Innovation Meets Compassion

Grace represents a breakthrough in how we support our retirement system. By integrating empathetic AI with essential literacy services, and augmenting organization, we're not just enhancing retiree wellness; we're setting a new standard for digital health and financial solutions. 

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