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Your Ultimate Financial Health Companion Beyond Mint

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Why MyPlanKeeper™?

Conversational Insights

Dive into your finances with our human-guided AI, turning numbers into narratives and advice.

Seamless Mint Integration

Our advanced import tools effortlessly bring your Mint history into MyPlanKeeper™, ensuring no data is left behind.

Organize, Integrate, Activate

Beyond budgeting, we organize and integrate your financial life, activating your data to serve your future goals.

Exclusive Beta Opportunity

Join us in our beta phase, and not only will you help us fine-tune the features that matter most to you, but you'll also enjoy a lifetime discount as a token of our appreciation. Be part of the journey to redefine financial wellness with a platform that understands you, answers your questions, and evolves with your needs.

Your insights, experience, and voice can help us create the ultimate financial companion.

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Fancy apps packed with numbers aren't always the answer. Ready for a real conversation about your finances?

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Let's talk whenever you're ready and finally get those pressing questions answered.

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