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Grace™ is your human-guided AI strategist and companion who never sleeps, can be present for you, belongs to you, and truly understands you. It is reimagining the way you address, plan, and organize your finances and health, transforming uncertainty into a feel-good conversation.

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Behind Grace™

Grace™ is the brainchild of a collective of finance and health experts, committed to simplifying your journey. Led by the visionary Carla Garcia of MyPlanKeeper, we're on a mission to bridge the gap between expert advice and everyday understanding.


Our tool, Grace™, stands by your side, transforming complex guidance into clear, actionable insights for your health and finances.


With Grace, clarity becomes your companion, making informed decisions easier than ever.

We Listen, You Lead

What's Your Story

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Whether you're approaching retirement, in the midst of it, or planning for the long term, your story matters

Discover how Grace™ can tailor its support to your specific needs and dreams, ensuring your journey forward is both secure and fulfilling.

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