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Illuminate Your Path to Financial Stability and Secure Your Retirement, Even When the Economy Isn't.



Your Retirement in a Recession

Facing an uncertain economic climate? Worrying won't get you far, but a solid plan will.

5 Unconventional Strategies
for a Recession-Proof Retirement.


Navigating Financial Psychology and Calculated Risk

When Economic Challenges Arise, We Lead the SHIFT

My Plan Keeper's Unique Unconventional Recession Strategies

In an era where economic certainties are hard to come by, traditional financial planning no longer suffices as a standalone strategy. This is why we introduce our first pioneering strategy: Strategic Self-Awareness. While conventional financial plans emphasize setting objectives and assessing risk tolerance, which remain essential, our approach takes you into uncharted territory.


With our Self-Awareness strategy, you gain a deeper understanding of your emotional triggers and behavioral patterns that can impact your financial decisions. This advanced level of self-awareness leads to greater simplicity in your financial planning, allowing you to bypass the need for wading through endless retirement books. It also equips you to identify calculated risks in both your investment portfolio and personal development. This could mean investing in new kind of assets or diversifying your skillset, calculated risks serve as opportunities for growth and a buffer against stagflation. Now is not the time to worry about a recession; the real concern should be long-term economic stagnation.


2. Holistic Life Portfolio Strategy

Balancing Financial Security with Overall Well-Being

Traditional asset allocation models focus solely on your financial investments. Our Holistic Life Portfolio Strategy revolutionizes this concept by introducing a broader asset allocation framework. This framework includes not only financial assets but also other crucial areas of your life such as physical health, mental strength, spiritual well-being, and social ties.


This comprehensive asset allocation approach does two things: it shields you from the stress that economic downturns can induce and sharpens your decision-making abilities. Importantly, mental health demands a significant allocation in this new framework, given its pervasive influence over all areas of life.

3. Investment Burnout Mitigation

Reclaiming Control and Focus for
Sustainable Wealth

Investment Burnout Mitigation - A Hidden Crisis? The term may be unfamiliar, but the feeling is all too common. Investment Burnout happens when managing your financial assets starts to weigh you down, turning an empowering choice into an overwhelming chore. It's not just about losing interest; it's about losing the ability to make informed and rational decisions. Investment burnout can cloud judgment and lead to costly errors. By equipping yourself with preemptive mechanisms, you can maintain an edge, especially in volatile markets.


Imagine knowing why you feel the way you do and confronting this overlooked issue head-on, Most people that make the wrong moves and end up getting hurt by the recession are not equipped with the tools to recognize early signs and effectively eliminate investment burnout from your financial strategy. 

4. Financial Style & Preference

Financial DNA for Recessions and Beyond

Financial Style and Preference: Understanding Your Financial DNA for Sustainable Income. Traditional planning often revolves around generic risk assessments and time horizons. But that's not enough, especially during a recession. Your unique financial style and preferences dictate not only the kinds of investments you'll make, but also how you'll navigate volatile markets and manage emotional stress. This isn't about one-size-fits-all solutions; this is about custom-tailored financial strategies that resonate with who you are.

5. Tactical Transition

A New Paradigm forAsset Optimization

Tactical Transition isn't just a buzzword; it's a necessary shift in strategy, especially in uncertain economic times. While accumulation gets most of the attention, it's the transition to decumulation—specifically, how and when you liquidate assets—that can significantly impact your financial longevity and tax efficiency.

by the Recession:

The Choice is Yours

In an economic landscape filled with uncertainty, your proactive steps today can set the foundation for a resilient future. Secure your spot in our masterclass and get equipped with the tools you need for sustained wealth and well-being, regardless of economic conditions.

"In a world of financial uncertainty, proactive planning is your strongest ally for lasting stability and visionary wealth."


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